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FARM Field

New InfoThe July FARM club newsletter is now on-line! New Info

  • Check out Herb Weinberg's new For Sale items!
  • Vince Tabacco will CD the September Fun-Fly. He has provided details of the event in advance so that you may practice, if you wish. For the details, click HERE. If you have any questions, you can call him at 540-923-0102 or email him at vincetabacco@Hotmail.com. Good luck!
  • The FARM Club's 2014 Summer Float Fly was a huge success! Our President, Bill Towne, summed it up pretty well: "We had a record turnout with 63 pilots and we gobbled up 36 Brats, 32 hot dogs and 126 burgers, 24 pounds of potato salad, and 2 gallons of beans". Our Fall Float Fly will be held on October 4th. Check the 'Area Events' for more info.
  • The 2014 Souper Pylon EDF Jet Invitational Race #1 was held on June 21st, 2014 at the CMB Club field. Vince Tabacco (who is hosting this event) has written up an action report. Reports for events 2 (to be held at NVRC field) & 3 (to be held at FARM field) will be posted as they become available.
    1. CMB Event: Report #1
    2. NVRC Event: Report #2
    3. FARM Event: Aug 23rd
  • The 2014 Souper Pylon EDF Jet Invitational Race #3 will be held on August 23rd, 2014 at the FARM Club field. Vince Tabacco will be hosting this event. For more info, click here. For EDF Pylon rules, click here.
  • Club member Joseph Szczur has qualified this past week for the 2015 World Championships Team! For info, pictures and background, click HERE.
  • Club Members: If you are interested in the mobile version of our website, then check out the Mobile Website link at the left for details on your options (including a FARM Club app).
  • Be sure to check out the 'Area Events' and 'Fun Fly' schedules!
  • See you at the field...